Noble Holidays

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Four heartwarming tales of the holiday season filled with sweet kisses, misunderstandings, Christmas trees, and best of all, true love. Includes A Countess for Christmas, A Duke for Midwinter, A Prince for Yuletide, and the brand new novella A Nobleman’s Noel.

Coming Soon: A Grand Tour

From the bestselling Timeless Romance Anthologies, three sweet historical romance novellas feature lords and ladies abroad. From the Italian countryside to the shores of Egypt, prepare to be swept away by these romantic adventures!
A Grand Tour, coming November 14, 2017, featuring authors Anthea Lawson, Jennifer Moore, and Heather B. Moore.




Now on sale! Her Majesty’s Scoundrels~

*One week only at .99 cents!* Available for a limited time, five original novellas from bestselling and award-winning authors featuring irresistible Victorian scoundrels and the fearless heroines who win their hearts.

To Lure a Lost Duke by Christy Carlyle
Killian Graves, Duke of Strathmoor, doesn’t wish to be found. An unforgivable act in London and haunting memories of war have turned him into a recluse. Not even Octavia Fowler, the fetching lady detective Queen Victoria set on his trail can lure him back from seclusion. Though she may prove a danger to his heart.

A Spy To Call My Own by Rebecca Paula
When her brother dies mysteriously, suffragette Vera Attwater travels to Africa to track down her brother’s best friend, Owen MacKenna for help. But the Scottish adventurer is more than her brother’s friend, he’s also the man she’s been secretly in love with since childhood. They might fight their attraction, but there’s no denying the dangerous the secrets they discover as they travel through the jungle. Will love win out or will Owen lose the real mission of keeping Vera safe?

Tempting the Scoundrel by Lana Williams
Elliott Walker, the Earl of Aberland, leads a double life, working for British Intelligence while playing the scoundrel. His grandmother’s new companion, Sophia Markham, is observant and tempting, threatening his secrets. Sophia knows all too well rogues should be avoided, but dare she trust this one as her heart longs to do?

Cast in Scandal by Laura Landon
Edward Waverley, Duke of Townsend, has put his undercover work for Her Majesty far behind him. But when she calls on him to find a missing agent, every clue leads him to the same woman—a woman accused of murdering her husband.

Everyone in Society assumes Lady Alyssa Lindleigh is guilty of her husband’s death. Now, if she wants to make her way back into their favor, she must prove her innocence. If she can only find the real murderers without losing her life. And the man she has come to love.

The Viscount’s Secret by Anthea Lawson
Anthony Blake, Viscount Percival, is renowned throughout the ton for his handsome face and his foppish ways. Only a select few know that beneath Lord Percival’s foolish exterior is a keen intelligence able to ferret out diplomatic secrets for the Crown. Nobody suspects his secret until Lord Percival meets a quiet, unassuming young woman who sees far more than she should.

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Grab Some Holiday Cheer~

Three sweet Christmas novellas, only $0.99 cents each, to warm your cold December nights! Available at all eBook retailers.

duke for miwinter

Scoop up this award-winning Victorian-set holiday novella celebrating the best of the season – Christmas trees, mulled wine, misunderstandings, and, of course, true love~

After a gentleman rescues her from a winter storm, Miss Selene Banning finds herself snowbound with Sir Jared Kendrick, who is not precisely who he claims to be…




Miss Eliana Banning attends the Midwinter Masque and meets a gentleman in wolf’s clothing who might prove to be her heart’s desire… or her worst enemy.
Scoop up this brand-new Victorian Christmas novella celebrating the best of the season – Christmas trees, mulled wine, deceptions, and, of course, true love.



Countess Xmas NEWyy
Miss Cecilia Fairfax dreads the upcoming holidays. Between caring for her elderly father and managing a household barely out of mourning, she has no time for the softer things in life.
Liam Barrett, the Earl of Tarrick, is certain he will not accept Marcus Fairfax’s invitation to spend Christmas at the Fairfax family’s estate – and the man’s tales of a resident ghost have nothing to do with his decision.
Of all the blessings of the season, sometimes the most unexpected is love…


A Prince for Yuletide has arrived~


Scoop up this brand-new Victorian Christmas novella celebrating the best of the season – Christmas trees, mulled wine, deceptions, and, of course, true love. On sale for just .99 cents!

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Miss Eliana Banning attends the Midwinter Masque and meets a gentleman in wolf’s clothing who might prove to be her heart’s desire… or her worst enemy.

 A Prince for Yuletide is a sweet (kisses only) Christmas-themed romance of approximately 100 pages.

Scandal’s Daughters is here!

scandals daughter

Five brand new novellas from bestselling, award-winning, historical romance authors!

It Started With A Scandal

From Christi CaldwellOnly for Her Honor
When Captain Lucas Rayne returned from fighting Boney’s forces, he was a shell of the man he’d been–until Eve Ormond begins work in his household. Desperate for new beginnings, Eve conceals secrets of her past from her employer. But can she break down the walls protecting Lucas’s heart, or will the secrets between them shatter all hope of true love?

From Eva Devon – Sleepless in a Scandal
All Lady Felicity Drake wants is to make a good match but after her father leaves herself and her sisters almost entirely ruined due to some very scandalous behavior, such a thing is next to impossible. . . That is, until she’s caught in a compromising position with the Marquess of Talbot. The question is, will the oh so staid Marquess save her from the proverbial wolves or will he leave her to her scandal?

From Elizabeth Essex – A Fine Madness
Miss Otis regrets…
The entirely of Miss Elspeth Otis’s inheritance from her wastrel of a father is a battered old trunk with some scrawled-upon foolscap sheets. Nothing that could free her from a stifling life with her fusty maiden aunties in a musty old cottage in a misty corner of Scotland. Nothing that will give her the life she’s always dreamed of—a life full of kindness and kisses and love. Or will it?
Mr. Hamish Cathcart wants more than anything to avoid the hasty marriage to a brewer’s daughter his father, the earl, has arranged to revive his fortunes. Hamish’s only hope is his failing publishing company, whose only asset is a scandalously banned book by an infamous, but unfortunately deceased, author. But when a new novel written by the same man lands on Hamish’s doorstep, he’ll go to any length to secure it—any length but love.

From Anthea LawsonA Lady’s Choice
Lady Sara Ashford has spent years cultivating her spotless reputation: a difficult task in the face of her mother’s scandalous exploits abroad. Now she is set on a path toward a perfect, respectable future—until the highly unsuitable Comte du Lac comes to London, and she is given the task of instructing him on how to behave properly in English Society.
At first Lady Sara finds him intolerable, but after he steals a kiss she realizes he is a terrible danger to her future. As soon as possible, she must put him out of her life—and her heart—forever.

From Erica RidleyLord of Chance
Charming rake Anthony Fairfax is on holiday to seek his fortune…and escape his creditors. When an irresistible Lady Luck wins him in a game of chance—and a slight mishap has them leg-shackled by dawn—the tables have finally turned in his favor. But when past demons catch up to them, holding on to new love will mean destroying their dreams forever.

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Fortune’s Flower – now free!

AntheaLawson_FortunesFlower200Begin the journey in this lush, exotic adventure, the first book of the Passport to Romance series – now free at all digital retailers!

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Miss Lily Strathmore has made a desperate bargain. One last adventure abroad with her botanist uncle and his family, and then she will do as her parents bid and wed the proper (and boring) viscount her mother has selected as Lily’s ideal husband.

James Huntington is on a mission: retrieve his grandfather’s lost journals from the wilds of Tunisia, and win the estate and fortune he so desperately needs. This quest will be the making of him–or his ruin.

Thrown together on a botanical expedition, James and Lily’s attraction is immediate, and impossible. Despite every reason to keep their distance, the two find themselves inexorably drawn together as they race to reach a hidden valley before their enemies can bring all their dreams crashing down.

*Originally published as PASSIONATE by Kensington Books


The Soiree of the Season! Historical Romance Retreat

HRRLogo (1)I am delighted to be one of the featured authors at the Historical Romance Retreat, coming up this September 22-25 in Spokane, Washington.

Some of the top authors of historical romance will be there – like Mary Balogh (I’ll try not to stalk her too much!), Victoria Alexander, Tessa Dare (another fave!), Madeline Hunter… the list is truly amazing, and I’m honored to be one of the guests along with such luminaries.

In addition to a massive book signing, there will be balls and tea parties, an evening at cards, and an absinthe tasting. Indeed, this event promises to be a most lavishly unforgettable weekend.

There are a *few* reader slots left (attendance is capped at 300) so get your tickets immediately, pack your ballgowns, and prepare to be swept away at an event like no other~


Music of the Heart ~ On Sale!

For limited tMusic of heart bundleime only, the ebook bundle of the Music of the Heart books (Sonata for a Scoundrel, Mistress of Melody, and the short story The Piano Tutor) is on sale for just $0.99!

Don’t miss this deal on these RITA-nominated, award-winning, starred review titles~

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