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~USA Today bestselling author and two-time RITA nominee~

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Anthea Lawson’s first two novels were co-written by Anthea and Lawson, a husband and wife creative team living in the Pacific Northwest. Their first novel, Passionate, was released from Kensington books in October 2008, and was a nominee for the prestigious RWA RITA award for Best First Book.

Since 2010, Anthea has branched out solo, continuing to write historical romance, as well as Young Adult Urban Fantasy as Anthea Sharp. Anthea is still happily married and living in the Northwest with her husband and daughter, where the rainy days and excellent coffee fuel her writing.

In addition to writing, Anthea is an Irish fiddler with the Celtic band Fiddlehead. You can hear samples of her music at

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Q: Why romance?

A lot of our friends ask that very question. For one thing, it’s fun! For another, it felt do-able. We’re not blind to the fact that over 50% of mass market paperbacks sold are romance novels. The inspiration came from Anthea reading a romance that disappointed, and saying “I could do that! I could do better than that!” Fateful words.

Q: Why historical romance?

A: We love the research aspect – there’s so much to learn about. So far we have had a chance to investigate sailing-steamships, the origin of the word “posh”, erotic frescoes, the history of tea, music in the Victorian era, Tunisia in the 1840s, mythology and archeology on Crete, and an endless list of other topics. It really enriches our life discovering and sharing these historical tidbits. It’s also a fun challenge to write romantic relationships constrained by the social mores of the day. Plus, the clothes were great.

Q: Your weirdest or most reliable writing ritual/habit:

A: Writing as a couple. What’s weirder than that? Luckily we have played and performed music together for years. The creative, collaborative process of writing is very similar. Not that it doesn’t have sticky patches – but we have enough respect and compassion for one another to work through the disagreements.

Q: How do you give individual characters their own “voice.”?

A: By making sure I know who they are, and writing them form that core of individuality. I also have certain characters use slang or turns of phrase that others do not.

Q: Do you wait until you have an idea, or do you sit down and write every day no matter what?

A: I have a daily word count I try to hit. And I have so many stories clamoring around in my head, I don’t think I’ll ever get to them all.

Q: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

A: Yes! I wrote stories as a kid, and started writing a few novels as a teen, but never could get past the beginning, so I put that dream away and did other things for a while, including playing traditional Irish fiddle music – though I maybe have two drops of Irish blood in me.

Q: Any advice for aspiring writers?

A: Just write. Don’t worry about making your first draft ‘perfect’ – just finish the story. Then you can go back and work on it. It’s important to let the creative voice flow without that pesky internal editor getting in the way, and the more you write, the easier it gets. Mostly.


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The Books

“Ms. Lawson created not only a background the came to life but characters that jumped out of the pages” (Bonnie Edwards, Amazon Reviewer). Inspiring words to describe the storytelling abilities of historical romance author Anthea Lawson. The urge to write romance came for Anthea while she was reading a disappointing romance novel. “I could do that! I could do better than that!”, she said to herself, and these fateful words brought her to become one of the most original and captivating historical romance authors of the today. From expeditions in the wilds of North Africa to labyrinthine English Manors, and even to galaxies beyond, Anthea’s eclectic collection of regency is sure to please. Her wit, alacrity and charming prose that sweep up readers have earned Anthea the title of a USA Today bestselling author and two-time RITA nominee.

Complete Book List

Music of the Heart Series:
Mistress of Melody (Music of the Heart Book 2)
Sonata for a Scoundrel (Music of the Heart Book 1)

Kisses and Rogues: Four Regency Stories
All He Desires
To Wed the Earl: A Regency Novella
The Piano Tutor – A Spicy Regency Short Story
A Countess for Christmas (Regency Short Story)
Five Wicked Kisses – A Tasty Regency Tidbit
The Worth of Rubies – A Victorian Short Mystery
Passionate (Zebra Debut)

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