Changes in Publishing – some great blogs to follow

Many people are aware that the world of book publishing is going through some massive upheaval. Want to find out more? Here’s a select list of blogs that are discussing the transformation. Enjoy!

The Passive Voice – One of my favorites, written by a very astute and witty non-practicing lawyer. The format of linkbacks to other blogs, commentary, and a lively comments section makes this a great resource – plus provides lots of food for thought.

Courtney Milan – Courtney is blazing new trails as she moves from traditional to self-publishing. Another attorney with a killer blog~

Kris Rusch – Her Thursday posts on the Business of Publishing are must-reads for every writer.

Dave Gaughran – An independent author who has solid, interesting views on the world of publishing. Also, his book Let’s Get Digital: How to Self-Publish and Why You Should is available as a free PDF from his website. Great resource – thanks, Dave!

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