Special award for PASSIONATE from Coffee Time Romance~

More kudos out there. PASSIONATE  has received a CTRR (Coffee Time Reviewer’s Recommend Award) from Coffee Time Romance & More.  This award recognizes outstanding writing styles in all book types and genres. The reviewer recommended our book for this award as she felt it surpassed their top rating. Exciting!

You can see it here:


Release Day!

Today is it~ we go live, Amazon ships orders, and hopefully all over the country (or heck, the world!) people are picking up a copy of our book and thinking ~ Hey, maybe I’ll buy this one ~

To help celebrate, we have a fun interview up at Delilah Marvelle’s blog, A Bit O’ Muslin. Stop by and leave a comment for a chance to win a book!

More reviews also coming in, including a measured critique from the folks at All About Romance, and the top review of 5 cups from Coffee Time Romance

Pick up a copy and let us know what you think! You can leave a comment or write to Anthea @ this website~

Have fun getting PASSIONATE today!

Available now!

Word about the world is that PASSIONATE is showing up on shelves. Let us know if you see us in your local bookstore.

Author copies arrived the other day. Nothing like holding your first book in your hands, hefting it up and down, riffling through the pages. Wow. That’s a lot of words. What a journey, from inception to reality. Took a few years longer than we thought… but then, everything in publishing moves slower than you’d think.

Another great review~ 4 1/2 stars from Affaire de Coeur

“Passionate is a book that lives up to its title. Amid the scorching sands and sultry skies of North Africa, two people find that their love of life and everything beautiful in it can create a passionate love that won’t be forgotten. The authors have created a strong, independent woman who aptly matches her strong, independent man. A cleverly written, witty book that is hard to put down.”

Lani Roberts for Affaire de Coeur


RT Review

Romantic Times magazine reviews PASSIONATE in their October issue!

“An offbeat adventure romance… readers will enjoy the wordplay and intriguing characters as they search for a mysterious plant.”

Chapter One!

How delicious that is, to take a blank sheet and type those words at the top. We are launched. Though every other word on that page may end up being changed, the fact, the very shape of Chapter One will remain, stable and solid, the ‘O’ round and satisfied, promising hundreds of words to follow.

Crafting those following words is where the real work is, but right now, at the dawn of a new manuscript, everything is possible.

The writer’s muse (mews?)

The furry denizen at our house like to ‘help’ when we work in the office. He’s very good at going to sleep on top of the CPU and then falling off, scrabbling desperately as he goes down, upending folders of manuscript as he goes. Once he hits the floor he wants to do a wild kitty rebound leap, but the papers slip out from under his paws, and the laughter of his humans is just too, too much.

He’s also very good at making sure the pages come out of the printer. Sometimes before they are completely ready!